Do you appreciate and respect yourself enough? Do you allow your partner or the environment to influence on you and your opinion, appearance, decisions ..? Then Monica Bellucci has the right quotes for you.

Read her 15 quotes that will make you think and feel better at the same time.

  1. Beauty in women becomes a problem in two cases: when she is gone and when there is nothing but her.
  2. In fact, nothing actually belongs to us. Neither our spouses nor our children. We can share things only with the people we love.
  3. A woman may love as if she will never leave. But it may come that day when she leaves like she never wanted.
  4. Aging for me means becoming better than what you were before!
  5. People can forgive others for being smart, even for talent, but for success and beauty – never.
  6. What will I do when I’m become old and when my reflection in the mirror does not make me happy? The same thing my mother did. I will not look myself in the mirror – I will look at my children.
  7. I always tell young girls: “Learn to love your body!” There is no such thing as perfection and it is quite obvious that obese women are not less beautiful than the thin women. Simply, you need to learn to accept yourself the way you are.
  8. We all need illusions and that’s why we love movies.
  9. I would not be 20-years-old again for anything in the world. Now I am much happier, because at that time we get to know ourselves, we try to understand what we want to be, we suffer from insecurity … Now I know exactly what I need and without what I can live.
  10. Being beautiful at 20 is quite natural. When you’re beautiful at 35 or 45-years-old, it’s a lifelong position.
  11. In my opinion, besides youth and beauty, it’s stupid being with someone with a deep pocket, and wasting your life on all kinds of parties. We need beauty to help find harmony, love, and sense in this harmonious world.
  12. Do not hate the people who envy you, they just admit that you are better than them.
  13. Beauty comes to life and becomes interesting only when it is covered with clothes.
  14. Femininity – it is harmony, naturalness and sensuality.
  15. I do not understand women who say that feel humiliate for being desired by men. I think they simply disagree with themselves.


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