Finding the right partner is not a simple task. Sometimes we lose hope and faith in love. In moments like this, we seek for a advise to help us find the true love.

You can read everything online, and according to the Cosmopolitan, here are some love tips that are utter nonsense.

Four love tips you should ignore:

You can’t find true love on social media

People think that you all you can find on the dating apps are maniacs and desperate men who don’t know how to behave in a relationship. In many cases this advice proved to be incorrect.

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Be perfect in the beginning

You want to make the best impression at the beginning of the relationship. This does not mean that you have to act or change yourself for someone else. Be relaxed and as you are, without masks and acting.

4 Love Tips You Should Ignore

You will recognize the right one as soon as you meet him

Absolutely not. You may be aware of whether you are physically attracted to someone the moment you contact them. Is he the right person for you – time will tell.

Opposites are attracted to each other 

It’s nice when someone fulfills you and have the things you want, and vice versa. But if you don’t have the same purpose in life, the relationship has no future.


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