Whether the baby stops breathing, why is it crying so often, why is it hiccuping so often – are just some of the new moms’ most common worries.

In the first few days after the baby arrives you feel great. You are constantly surrounded by people who help you. But the real panic occurs when you are left alone with your baby.

This is a period which all mothers go through, and these are the most common things they shouldn’t really worry about.

Here are the 7 things new moms should not worry about:

Will I take a good care of my child?

What if I don’t know how to change it – is the new moms’ most common concern. Don’t panic, you will get used to it in a really short time.

I can’t let anyone touch my child

Mothers care the most when someone touches their baby without first washing their hands.

Am I capable of being a mother?

As long as you feel overwhelming love for your child, there is no doubt that you are capable of being a parent.

Baby acne

The small red or white spots that often appear on the chin, forehead or nose usually appear two or four weeks after birth and disappear after three to four months. This condition is caused by the hormonal status of the mother, which increases the secretion of the sebaceous glands and closes the pores.


The hiccuping is really something you should not worry about. Overeating is one of the most common causes of hiccups. If the stomach is swollen or full, it can cause diaphragm muscle cramps. Doctors suggest slower feeding if you’re breastfeeding it, and to let it burp before changing the breast. If using a bottle, stop halfway, allow the baby to burp and then continue feeding it.

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What if my baby stops breathing?

This is one of the most common concerns of new moms. They care if their child is sleeping too long, so they stand next to the crib and observe if it’s breathing.

They take care of everything

You are afraid that it will be too hot if you cover it with a blanket. You are afraid that it will get cold if you uncover it. You are afraid of holding it too long. You look at the news and wonder in what kind of world you brought your child.

In a short period of time, these unnecessary worries will go away and you will enjoy the role of a mother.


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